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The reviews you provide will guide your fellow cannabis enthusiasts towards the best extracts on the market. With your help we can sort the good from the bad, and find the purest, best tasting cannabis extracts Canadian producers have to offer. We encourage you to write eloquent reviews that speak of the terpenes you smell and taste, as well as the overall purity and pleasantness of the extract.

Please rate the product based on its quality only. You're welcome to mention wether or not you feel the product is a good value for the price, but the price should not affect the rating.

Every peer review gets manually approved by a staff reviewer before being published. We reserve the right not to publish a review if we deem it offensive or otherwise unhelpful. Reviews will never be censored based on differences of opinions. Well written compelling reviews will get published.

We also reserve the right to remove or ***** sensitive information, and offensive or unhelpful parts of an otherwise fine review. We will only do so if necessary, and will do every effort to preserve the original meaning.

The intent is to keep the content pleasant and helpful for everyone.

95 - 100 Pts = Excellent
90 - 94 Pts = Outstanding
85 - 89 Pts = Very good
80 - 84 Pts = Good
75 - 79 Pts = Mediocre
50 - 74 Pts = Not Recommended