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Rating: 94 Pts

The Whistler Cannabis Co. Live-Rosin is the very first product to be reviewed by the Cannabis Extracts Review, and I was not disappointed.

The company’s first extract offering is no doubt aimed at connoisseurs looking for uncompromising quality. The company claims that it is hand-made using fresh, not dried, locally grown certified organic cannabis. The extraction is done using a water-based process for an entirely solvent-less result. On paper alone this product sounded very impressive and checked all the boxes for a potentially high quality extract.

While the BC Cannabis Store claims that the product is certified organic, there is no mention of it on or inside the packaging. Whistler Cannabis Co. is a branch of Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. (now owned by Aurora), and Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. is listed as a certified organic member on the FVOPA members page, so I have no reason to doubt the certification. It would however be helpful for that information to be provided on the label.

The box has the required seal indicating the province of origin, in this case BC, and label with the THC and CBD contents:

THC 5.30 mg/g
[Total THC 615.70 mg/g THC Total 615.70 mg/g]
CBD 0.00 mg/g
[Total CBD 0.00 mg/g CBD Total 0.00 mg/g]

Which is different and more precise than what was claimed on the product page at the BC Cannabis Store:

THC 450.0-900.0mg/g
CBD 0.0-10.0mg/g

Of note is the absence of CBD as well as the implied high ratio of THCA to THC (5.30 mg/g of THC for 610.40 mg/g of THCA) on the final label.

An ingredients list is also provided, listing a single ingredient: Cannabis resin.

There is no indication of strain(s) or indica/sativa proportions, other than that it's a blend. While that's not as fancy as single-source extracts, it's not necessarily a bad thing. I can only imagine there are many situations in which a manufacturer can end up with some left-over high quality material in too small quantities to do anything with but a blend.

The sample being reviewed is from lot # RN007, packaged on 12/19/2019, and purchased from the BC Cannabis Store on 01/01/2020.

Very pale beige in colour, and not unlike dense dried icing or sugar-cookie dough in texture, the extract is easy to handle and crumbles readily. The crumbs are even hard to stick back together so you may end up with a bit of powder.

Under the microscope the extract looks quite pure. There are almost recognizable trichome-like-structures, suggesting that the water extraction process may be similar to full-melt bubble-hash making using ice-water and fine sieves. If that's the case it is carefully done (5 or 6 stars process) as there are virtually no plant contaminants.

On the nose the extract displays clear notes of the fresh cannabis it was made from and one can tell it was made from quality material. The bulk of the odour is reminiscent of very high quality hashish, along with notes of vanilla, caramel and nougat.

On the tongue (orally ingested) it exhibits the same honest fresh cannabis flower taste, along with hints of black pepper and menthol.

Vaporized using a clean electric quartz banger heated to 200º - 250º (digitally measured at the bottom of the banger), the live-rosin melts and turns readily and silently into a gentle vapour, leaving little residue behind.

The extract revealed its full bouquet of gentle flavours and aromas upon being exhaled, and I knew right away it was going to get over 90 Pts from me. The same great fresh cannabis flavour was joined by dancing swirls of pine and cedar wood, caraway, kumquats, nougat, turmeric, hints of raspberries and just a shadow of mossy soil. The overall terpene profile is even fresher than conventional solvent-extracted live-resin, showing no acridity whatsoever. A truly outstanding extract!

The THC content, while moderate according to the government lab results, is very adequate and the extract has a very pleasant uplifting yet relaxing potency.

At $149.99/g (BCLDB retail price) this extract is clearly a luxury product. The Whistler Cannabis Co. set the bar very high with their first live-rosin offering, and all the new extracts that are about to hit the market will have to measure up to it. I genuinely hope that other manufacturers are aiming in the same direction. The product, which was posted on the BC Cannabis Store, sold out in 2 days during it's initial release, showing that there is indeed a market for high quality luxury craft cannabis extracts. (The BC Cannabis Store has since received a second batch of stock which sold out in 3 days. We do not know if the subsequent releases are from the same production batch)

Considering that this very first offering is certified organic, solvent-less, small-batch hand-made from locally grown cannabis; the epitome of craft marijuana, I feel I cannot complain about the top-shelf price: It is a top-shelf product.

I give it 94 Pts
- Felix Litt, the Cannabis Extracts Review

**We’ve reached out to Whistler Cannabis Co. with a round of questions, but they informed us that they are no longer at liberty to comment since they are now a subsidiary of Aurora. We've reached out to Aurora directly and are awaiting a reply. The review will be appended when we hear back.