Rating: 85 Pts

The Canna Farms Hash Rosin is the second vaporizable legal cannabis extract to hit the Canadian market (not counting vape pens which are outside the scope of this site). It was released alongside the Canna Farms Kief and Canna Farms Bubble Hash, so it’s likely that it was pressed from one of those two products.

Canna Farms (owned by Vivio Cannabis) provided very little information along with these products. We’ve reached out to them with our usual round of questions but have yet to hear back. According to some sources, this hash rosin is made from Pink Kush and Girl Scout Cookies (strains), making it an indica dominant hybrid. However we’ve also found contradicting information stating that it could be made from a mix of numerous strains. No organic or non-gmo certification is mentioned, so we can safely assume that the extract is made from “conventionally” grown cannabis that could be GMO (though not likely, GMO cannabis is still in it’s infancy). Like all rosins, the Canna Farms Hash Rosin promised a solvent-less high-terpene experience and I was keen to taste all it had to offer.

The extract came to me in a minimalist white box, with the required sticker labels providing information such as the province of origin, in this case Alberta, and THC and CBD contents:

THC 49.4 mg/g [Total THC 760 mg/g THC Total 760 mg/g]
CBD <0.5 mg/g [Total CBD 1.3 mg/g CBD Total 1.3 mg/g]

Which is different and more precise than what was claimed on the British Columbia Cannabis Store page:

THC Total = 650.0 - 800.0 mg/g
CBD Total = 0.0 - 5.0 mg/g

Implied here is a decent THCA to THC ratio (49.4 mg/g of THC for 710.6 mg/g of THCA) which suggest the product wasn’t overly heated or refined.

The required ingredient list is also provided on the box, with a single ingredient: Cannabis.

The sample being reviewed is from lot # CF0013T1559, packaged on 12/06/2019, and purchased from the Alberta Cannabis store on 01/28/2019.

Dark grey-green in colour, its texture is similar to traditional hashish: Not overly crumbly or sticky, easy to handle and portion. Under the microscope the extract looks very clean, no signs of solid impurities what so ever. Dark field illumination reveals the extract’s true inner colour, a beautiful golden orange hue. It’s micro-texture is consistent with that of pressed bubble hash.

On the nose the rosin comes charging with herbal notes swaying from obvious fresh ripe outdoor cannabis crops, to black and green tea, to hashish, to thyme, to fresh mowed grass and nostalgic early-fall leaf-litter.

On the tongue (orally ingested) the extract is mild tasting with notes of sweet tea, chocolate, tree resin and clover.

Vaporized in a clean quartz banger heated to 200º - 250º (digitally measured at the bottom of the banger), the rosin silently bubbles up into a smooth herbal mist. As you might have expected from the darker colour of the extract, it does leave a tiny drop of chlorophyll rich oils behind. The sweet rosin vapours bloom into an exotic assortment of herbal notes including watermelon rind, black pepper, cocoa, cilantro, grass, butter, and fresh cut hard wood. A pleasant taste profile that speaks of the whole plant it was made from. The mild hints of dark green notes likely attributable to trim being used, at least in part, as source material. Common practice, and not necessarily a bad thing as it provides a full-plant taste while certainly being adequately potent, and having the potential to be more affordable (at least in theory).

At 760 mg/g total THC and 1.3 mg/g of CBD (according to government lab results), the extract provides a potent dose of psychoactive ingredients. While one’s personal experience of the effects of cannabinoids is clearly subjective, I must mention that, for me, the overall effect was invariably rather heavy, more sedative, which will be reflected in my rating. Your experience may differ. In fact, I’ve asked a friend to provide a second opinion for this review and no such heaviness was mentioned, only a pleasant and abundant potency.

The Canna Farms hash rosin displayed many desirable qualities, but I feel it could have been much better. The darker notes and heavier effect place it well in the “table wine” category. If it was priced accordingly it might qualify as a “great value”. At $49.99/0.5g ($99.98/g) (Alberta Cannabis store prices) it is priced as a top shelf product. It’s still unclear, in this young and scarce legal extract market, how prices will settle into tiers of expected quality as we are accustomed to in other goods like wine and liquor. Legal vaporizable extracts are still quite rare, and prices surely reflect that. In that light I feel products should not yet be faulted for being pretentiously priced. Indeed, the Canna Farms Hash Rosin sold out in a few days from the Alberta Cannabis store, as well as from the British Columbia Cannabis Store, once again demonstrating that the demand for vaporizable cannabis extracts is strong despite the higher than expected price point.

Evaluating the quality of the product alone, I give it 85 Pts.

- Felix Litt, the Cannabis Extracts Review