Rating: 87 Pts

The Canna Farms live rosin is the third product to be reviewed by the Cannabis Extracts Review, and the second offering from Canna Farms (owned by Vivio Cannabis), the first one being the Canna Farms hash rosin

This extract is categorized as "live rosin", which implies that the product is made by applying heat and pressure to trichomes from fresh cannabis flowers (or trim). The BC Cannabis Store, where the extract was purchased, specifically says: "Using traditional methods, the rosin is pressed within 24 hours of harvest to create the best product at the highest concentration."

There is no mention of strains, or Indica/Sativa varietal. The BC Cannabis Store simply states that it is a blend. It's likely that this rosin is produced from the trim of many harvests. No organic or non-gmo certification is mentioned, so it's questionable wether the extract is made from conventionally grown cannabis (i.e. using chemical fertilizers and/or chemical pesticides), or from organically grown cannabis as the Canna Farms site suggests. I'm tempted to think Canna Farms would have included the organic information in the product description itself if it was indeed organic.

The box has the required seal indicating the province of origin, in this case BC, and label with the THC and CBD contents:

THC 24.5 mg/g
[Total THC 715 mg/g]
CBD <0.5 mg/g
[Total CBD 1.3 mg/g ]

Which again is different and more precise than the approximation on the product page at the BC Cannabis Store:

THC 650.0-900.0 mg/g
CBD 0.0-5.0 mg/g

Interestingly, the Canna Farms live rosin contains slightly less THC total than their hash rosin (715 mg/g compared to 760 mg/g), but about the same generous quantity in the form of THCA (690.5 mg/g compared to 710.6 mg/g in the hash rosin). High THCA generally indicates a rawer, less processed extract, which is generally a desirable attribute. This extract contains a small quantity of CBD, the Canna Farms hash rosin did not.

The provided ingredients list as simple as can be: Cannabis.

The sample being reviewed is from lot CF0006T1743, packaged on 03/12/2020, and purchased from the BC Cannabis Store on 04/27/2020.

The rosin is crumbly and slightly waxy, not too sticky, and easy to handle. The light olive colour indicates the presence of a little residual chlorophyll which would be consistent with the theory that the rosin is pressed from trim.

Under the microscope the extract looks very clean. Little to no plant material remnants can be found. The dark field illumination shines right through however little chlorophyll is contained therein to reveal the golden hues characteristic of high THC extracts.

On the nose this rosin offers pungent wafts of fresh cannabis along with notes of vanilla and mossy forest after the rain. The pleasant odour is much bolder than the Canna Farms hash rosin we previously reviewed, indicating perhaps a fresher less processed product with more volatile organic compounds.

On the tongue (orally ingested), notes of sage and summer savoury join the bouquet of classic fresh cannabis flavours you'd expect to find in live rosin. I feel Canna Farms succeeded in using the right amount of heat to produce the extract without taking too much away from the fresh taste the plant material had to offer.

Vaporized using a clean quartz banger electrically heated to 200º - 250º C (digitally measured at the bottom of the banger), the Canna Farms live rosin melts readily and silently into a smooth and satisfying mist, leaving but a small quantity of green residue behind (the chlorophyll and other oils).

The vapours revealed an assertive but entertaining and well balanced variety of flavours ranging from sage, sweet grass, and green mint, to butterscotch, waffles and brine. A pleasant taste profile that comes across as honest and clean, and true to the plant.

The effect is lively and very pleasant, with none of the heaviness I had personally experienced with the Canna Farms hash rosin.

At $99.98/g (BCLDB retail price, sold in 0.5g) this extract is priced on par with the other two legal extracts we've reviewed so far. These prices are however still two to three times more expensive than what consumers are used to paying for pre-legalization extracts. We can only hope that prices will eventually fall to more reasonable levels, which in turn should open the market for truly top-shelf extracts.

The Canna Farms live rosin displays all the qualities of a good, honest, "week-night extract". I can only imagine what Canna Farms could produce if they aimed at making the very best, from single-strain flowers.

I give it 87 Pts
- Felix Litt, the Cannabis Extracts Review

**We’ve reached out to Canna Farm with our usual round of questions. This review will be appended when we hear back.