Whistler Cannabis Co. is a branch of Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. which is owned by Aurora. Their nursery is certified organic by FVOPA.

From the Whistler Cannabis Co. website:

"Living soil is everything you would expect from a happy, healthy farm. It's filled with natural organic matter, including helpful insects, beneficial bacteria, and fungi. Even though all you'd see is a pile of dirt, it's actually a complete ecosystem that naturally promotes plant health by fighting off diseases, regulating water, and decomposing organic matter.

Not everyone uses living soil. It costs more to maintain, and it takes a whole lot more TLC from our growing team. The alternative, sometimes known aptly as ‘dead dirt' is what happens when you overload the soil with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. It comes from too much tilling, and it ultimately makes for less fertile dirt, and definitely less than ideal growing conditions for premium cannabis.

Sadly, that seems to be the trend for modern agriculture.

At Whistler Cannabis Co, we're bucking the trend. Our growers are bona fide green thumbs – they genuinely care about the flowers, and know each strain intimately. They are masters in recognizing what each plant needs, and their knowledge of living soils is just one piece of the puzzle.

As for the rest of our growing practice secrets – those are staying in the vault, but we know that our products speak for themselves."

Whistler Cannabis Co. Live-Rosin

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Whistler Cannabis Co.
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