What is live-resin?

Live-resin is a solid form of THC rich cannabis extracts that is produced using fresh or freeze-dried marijuana instead of dried and cured material. This allows for the extraction of some cannabinoids and terpenes that are otherwise lost, or transformed, during the drying process.

Live-resin is sought after by many THC extract connoisseurs for its light but full-terpene taste profile.

How is live-resin made?

The process involves blasting fresh or freeze-dried marijuana flower, or trim material, with solvent(s) (usually butane, N-tane, or super-cooled pressurized CO2) to extract the THC and other cannabinoids and essential oils. The resulting product sometimes undergoes a "winterization" or "polishing" process (sometimes simply using ethanol) to remove extra lipids or other unwanted plant contaminants, but not always, as the plant terpenes and oils are desirable for a full taste profile. The product then gets cured in vacuum ovens to remove the solvent(s) (not necessary for unpolished CO2 extracts). Some manufacturers then add terpenes (the flavourful plant compounds) to the product to add more flavour, or mix in separately produced THC distillate to raise the THC content.

How is live-resin consumed?

Live-resin is usually consumed by vaporizing, dabbing, or smoking. Low temperature dabbing or vaporizing generally offers the best taste experience.

What affects the quality of live-resin?

Like all other cannabis extracts, a live-resin's quality is directly related to the quality of the plant product used; the extraction process, the solvent(s) used and the process(es) used to remove them; as well as the additive(s) if any.

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