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What are diamonds?

Diamonds are a super-concentrated (99% pure THC) solid crystalline form of THC extract.

Like the precious stone, THCA diamonds come in two forms: "natural" diamonds and "synthetic" diamonds. The lesser kind, synthetic diamonds, are essentially crystallized THC distillate either from extracted THCA or synthetic THC(A). Good "natural" THCA diamonds, are formed (or "mined") in super-saturated terpene-rich live-resin sauce.

Natural diamonds are traditionally sold soaked in a bit of the terpene sauce left from the mining vessel, while synthetic diamonds may be sold dry, or in a manufactured terpene sauce.

Diamonds are sought after by many THC extract connoisseurs for their purity. Good diamonds in sauce have the added benefit of allowing you to mix the terpenes and THC as you please. Not all diamonds are made equal however, and consumer discretion is advised.

How are diamonds made?

Diamonds are made either by crystallizing THC distillate, crystallizing live-resin sauce, or another super-saturated extracted THC solution. The diamonds themselves are pure THC crystals that have formed through precipitation, assuring maximum potency.

How are diamonds consumed?

Diamonds are usually consumed by vaporizing, dabbing, or smoking. Low temperature dabbing or vaporizing generally offers the best taste experience.

What affects the quality of diamonds?

First and foremost the manufacturing method. Diamonds made from synthetic THC are clearly no better than the synthetic THC they are made from. They may be served in a terpene sauce of questionable provenance. Good diamonds take time and a lot of resources to mine, but the end result offers a true plant taste profile due to the natural terpene sauce. Obviously the quality of the starting material also plays an immense role in the quality of the final product.

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