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Shatter, live-resin, rosin and other cannabis extract reviews by peers and staff reviewers

The first legal Canadian cannabis concentrates are finally becoming available!

While many products are still in the process of being tested for approval by Health Canada, we're happy to announce that we've posted our first reviews: The Whistler Cannabis Co. Live-Rosin. and the The Canna Farms Hash Rosin

And there are many more on the way. Here's an article on Leafly about some extracts coming to the Canadian market.

It's likely that many of the larger manufacturers are busy fabricating the cheapest (most profitable) cannabis extracts they can. These low grade extracts are in all likelihood pieced together using isolated or even synthetic THC, foreign plant lipids, and terpenes from various non-cannabis sources. Most of these low quality products are destined for vape cartridges (not within the scope of this site) but surely we will be seeing some attempts to replicate shatter, rosin, live-resin, live-rosin and similar solid extracts soon. Buyer beware.

In an effort to oust low quality extracts, and make the information available to Canadian consumers, we ask manufacturers the hard questions as part of our review process. We want you to know what source material was used, where it was from, how it was grown, how it was processed and what was added to the cannabinoids. Was the plant material certified organic? Was it certified non-GMO? Was it flowers or trim? What were the solvents used? What kind of purging process was used? Has the resulting extract been decarboxylated? Has it gone through a colour remediation process (CRC)? Are there added terpenes? e.t.c.

The Cannabis Extracts Review is here to provide an unbiased platform where the best cannabis extracts can be reviewed and compared, providing useful insights for shoppers looking for the best shatter, rosin, full-melt, live-resin and live-rosin.

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Whistler Cannabis Co. Live-Rosin

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